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How do our Customers Use Their Suits Me® Card?

Our members* benefit from Suits Me® every single day, in many different ways. Hear from customers about their experiences.

Our members* benefit from Suits Me® every single day, in many different ways.

Lena B

Lena needed to start working straight away after moving to the UK. Fortunately, she registered with a recruitment agency that partners with Suits Me®. This meant that when she secured a job with an immediate start, she was also given a same day bank account via Suits Me® for her wages to be paid into. The perfect solution.

Jakub P

Jakub used his Suits Me® Card to purchase flights to and from the UK (Suits Me® has exclusive online deals with easyJet, ebookers and Expedia) – this meant a healthy boost to his bank balance with a cash back reward bonus.

Maja W

Maja originally gave her friends bank account details when she started her temporary job – to save time and trouble trying to set up her own bank account. This caused huge problems when they moved address leaving Maja in financial difficulties. Swapping to a Suits Me® account was instant and gave Maja control of her own finances.

Marina O

Marina has been a Suits Me® member since it very first launched in February 2015. She’s enjoyed over £10 cash back every month since then – just for using her card to pay for the usual everyday items at Suits Me® partner high-street retailers like Asda as well as online retailers like Zavvi and ASOS.

Alexa T

Alexa typically works on lots of smaller temporary assignments every month – this means she needs to keep a close track of her money coming in and her spending. Thanks to her Suits Me® card she’s able to access up-to-date online banking on the go – helping her keep to her budget and save money using the envelope facility.

“It’s very easy to stay in touch with my account, to check
detailed incomes, outgoings. And it’s very useful that I
can check my financial history.”

Casmir F

Casmir joined Suits Me® in February 2015. With a family back home, he wanted to send money quickly and securely. Thanks to Suits Me® he’s been able to make at least two hassle-free international transfers per month using the Suits Me® online service. His family overseas even have their own Suits Me® Card to use as and when they need to. Handy, easy, straightforward.

“The card does exactly what is says…it suits me…easy to use and simple.”

*Names and exact details are for illustrative purposes.

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