Technology is revolutionising all sectors of life, finance and employment are no exceptions. In these articles we look at the impacts on finance in the recruitment sector.

1 day ago

BREXIT: A Suits Me Consumer Poll

On the lead up to the March Brexit deadline Suits Me asked our community of account holding customers to answer a six question survey.

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6 days ago

Effects of financial stress hits UK workers

Britain currently has the lowest rates of unemployment seen in the country in 40 years but despite this, there’s mass financial stress. Many workers find it hard to get from one payday to the next, running out of money for essentials mid-month.

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1 week ago

Payday lender slammed for using Brexit to scaremonger customers into loans

Just when you think you’ve heard everything possible about Brexit, here’s another story to add to the collection. Payday lender, Peachy, has been scolded by the ASA (Advertising Standards Authority) for one of its adverts which used the political situation to scare people into applying.

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Apr 30

Suits Me - providing full banking services to the “underbanked”

As many as 1.2 million people in the UK belong to the class known as the “underbanked” - the group of people who can’t access banking facilities.

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Apr 9

Credit Card Deals Disappear Due to Debt Warnings

If you’ve been looking around for a good deal on a credit card but not been able to find what you need, you’re not alone. Experts have warned that the very best credit card deals on the market are being withdrawn due to the levels of debt in the UK.

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Apr 4

High Street Banks Suffering IT Failures “Daily”

Watchdog organisation Which? has warned of the impact of switching to digital payments, with a startling number of failures being reported on an ongoing basis. Although major outages have hit the news headlines, the body is cautioning consumers to the fact that it’s a problem that’s occurring regularly.

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Mar 18

Comparison sites: the pros and cons

The UK has become a nation which is dependent on the data provided by comparison sites but is this such a good thing? Gone are the days of sitting with a phone book, ringing round all the insurance companies yourself. The introduction of the internet made it easier to collect quotes online but it still meant a lot of work to go around all the different providers. Enter the comparison sites: a one-stop shop which allows consumers to search for multiple quotes on a single website.

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Mar 14

Accidental money laundering: how fraudsters use social media to prey on the young

A world without social media is almost unthinkable now, and for the younger generation in particular it’s a deeply-ingrained way of life. However, in amongst the photos, posts and live streams, there are more sinister uses, with fraudsters increasingly turning to platforms such as Instagram.

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Mar 11

Prepaid holiday currency cards - what you need to know

Before you head off overseas for a relaxing holiday, you’ll need to think about currency. Everyone knows that carrying a huge bundle of cash is a bad idea so what are the other options?

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Mar 5

Budgeting made easy: Introducing the digital envelope system

A tried-and-trusted method of budgeting is separating your available cash into different envelopes, such as bills, savings, entertainment etc. However, keeping physical cash in envelopes isn’t just impractical, it’s also a potential hazard that could leave you out of pocket.

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Nov 29, 2018

The decline of the High Street Banks

As High Street bank branches close, the banks themselves have declined to sign up to a pledge to make sure there’s at least one branch in every town.

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