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What is a UK Sort Code & What are They Used For?

We explain what a sort-code is and how it works so that you can have a better understanding of your financial transactions

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In the UK, banks allocate a sort code to each bank account. You will need to share this sort code when providing your account details to receive a payment. We all use these sort codes, but do you know how they actually work? 

Below, we explain what it is and how it works to help you better understand your financial transactions.

What Does a Sort Code Do?

It helps process payments quickly and effectively by sharing specific numbers that indicate the location of your bank and branch. 

Also provides details about the origin of a payment or the recipient of funds in a recognized UK account. If you input an incorrect sort code, you cannot send money until you verify the information is correct.

The lead pair in a sort code, comprising the first two digits, facilitates the accurate routing and settlement of cheque and credit payments. When utilizing alternative payment methods, all six digits of the sort code are considered to ensure funds are directed to the correct recipient’s bank account. This comprehensive sorting mechanism ensures payments reach their intended destination efficiently and accurately. 

Where Can I Find My Sort Code?

You are able to find this on your bank statements, cheque book, your mobile banking app, your online banking account or in some cases, on your debit card

You will need to provide the sort code every time you want to set up a new payment route for your bank account. Meaning that this number is a particularly important part of your banking. 

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Does My Sort code Stay With Me Forever?

A bank assigns a sort code to your account, and you will retain it only as long as you maintain that specific bank account.. 

If you choose to move banks, building society or alternative banking provider you will receive a new account number and sort code and must use these new details when amending payments or setting up new ones.

Is my Sort Code Private?

No! You can access a full list of all bank sort codes online as they aren’t tied to a specific account and don’t disclose personal details. The purpose of them is to identify the bank and branch rather than an individual account, so it is perfectly safe to share it.

Sort codes are crucial for British banking; learning yours facilitates hassle-free payments.

You should expect to input it when you are setting up a new direct debit or if you are receiving a payment from another source such as a bank transfer or standing order

When paying by cheque, you don’t need to provide yours because it’s already printed on your cheque book.

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