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Can you get a Debit Card if You have Little or No Credit History?

This is not exactly a popular time for plastic. The effects of the material on the environment are now well documented and everyone is being encouraged to cut down on single-use plastic….

This is not exactly a popular time for plastic. The effects of the material on the environment are now well documented and everyone is being encouraged to cut down on single-use plastic.

However, for years flashing the plastic was the done thing, if only when you were going on a spending spree. Of course, the plastic in this case was a debit card or credit card and many shoppers felt nothing about using it to pay for all manner of things and worrying about the consequences later.

When it comes to plastic cards, however, not all are created equally and when we hear the term ‘debit or credit card’ as a means of payment, the temptation is always to lump the two of them in together.

However, this is not the case and the difference between the provides the answer to the question of how you get a debit card if you have little or no credit history.

Obtaining a debit card does not actually require you to go through a credit check. This is because with a debit card, you can only spend the money you have in your account at that time, whereas with a credit card, you effectively borrow off the bank when you make a purchase and pay them back at a later date or over a period of time.

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Confusion sometimes arises because people get debit cards which have the logo of credit card providers on them, such as Mastercard or Visa, but that doesn’t mean that you can use those cards for credit.

If you haven’t got a history of credit, you shouldn’t have any difficulty getting a debit card. All you really need is to have a bank account. While opening some bank accounts may subject you to a credit check, that will only be the case if you want an account that has an overdraft facility.

What can I use a Debit Card for?

A debit card can be used to pay for anything, especially nowadays when contactless payments are available at most high street shops. They can also be used to pay for goods and services online or for transferring money to another person.

When using a debit card, you must have whatever amount of money you are spending in your account at that time. If you have a bank account, but do not have a credit history, chances are you won’t have been given access to an overdraft so if you do try to spend more with your debit card than is in your account, the payment will get declined.

Can I get a Prepaid Debit Card Without a Credit History?

prepaid debit card is one that you load money onto before you spend it. Therefore, obtaining one if you haven’t got much of a credit history should not be a problem as there is no borrowing involved. All you will need to do is provide some form of identification and you can have a prepaid debit card in no time.

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After opening an account with Suits Me®, you will receive a free contactless Mastercard® Debit Card within 3 – 5 working days.

Applying for a Suits Me® Account is quick and easy using our online application form and your account will be opened in minutes with no credit checks.

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