We all like getting a little something extra, a reward for a job well done, some cashback or the chance to win big. We like to reward our customers and your Suits Me card comes with exclusive access to rewards from some of the high street’s biggest retailers.

We’ve partnered with some of the biggest names on the high street so when you’re out and about doing the weekly shop you have the chance to save hundreds of pounds in cashback offers and rewards.

How does Cashback Work?

Cashback is an incentive offered by debit and credit card providers partnering with retailers or other businesses. It’s simple, easy to set up and doesn’t need you to do a thing. Once your Suits Me card is activated and you have had your wages paid in by your employer or agencies, you can use your card in 24 million places around the world. When you shop with one of our exclusive partners you will receive a cashback reward; a percentage of your spend will be paid into your Suits Me account.

How will I receive cashback?

At the end of each month we’ll count up all of the money you have spent at our partner stores and work out how much cashback you have earned this month. We’ll then pay this straight onto your Suits Me card. You can then withdraw your money from any ATM, save it or even spend your rewards on the high street and earn more rewards.

We partner with some of the biggest retailers across the country to bring you exclusive rewards, money saving offers and services.

5 ways to get the biggest value out your SuitsMe card

  1. Shop online to save even more. Many of the high street’s biggest names have even lower prices when you shop online. Your Suits Me card works just the same online as it does in store. To stay up to date with all the latest offers Suits Me members can enjoy, follow us on Twitter @SuitsMeCard and Like us on Facebook.
  2. Suits Me rewards can be used on top of the discounts stores are offering customers. If a product is on offer and you pay with your card you’ll save even more, but the cashback will be calculated on the price paid, not the original price. 
  3. Follow us on social media to keep up with exclusive cardholder offers and monthly competitions. At Suits Me we will let you know about any competitions our partners are running as well as holding our own for you to enter.
  4. By prioritising when and where you use your card you can avoid paying ATM fees if you use your Suits Me cashback when you go shopping.
  5. Our aim at Suits Me is to constantly improve on the rewards, offers and cashback partners we work with. Stay up to date with us on Facebook and Twitter for all of our latest partner offers and discounts and when they are due to change. 

For more information on how Suits Me membership works and how you can access cashback from high street retailers, why not talk to one of our advisors? You can call Suits Me on 0844 322 1111 or email us on hello@suitsmecard.com.

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