How to Avoid Becoming a Money Mule

Nope, we’re not talking about the donkey-horse hybrid here, but in fact, another take on money laundering.

2 weeks ago

Moving to The UK from Hong Kong? Here's Your Guide to Banking

Are you a Hong Kong national? Here's everything you need to know about banking in the UK.

2 weeks ago

How to Calculate Your Net Worth?

Here's how you can calculate your net worth to help you plan and prepare for your financial future!

May 24

Alternative Banking: What Does This Mean?

You may have heard the term alternative banking before, but not exactly know what this means? Well, we've put together a simple guide that explains everything you need to know!

May 17

How to Apply for a Debit Card

Discover how to apply for a debit card with our 5 Step guide.

May 13

Managing Your Money with App-Based Banking

App-based banking explained, plus everything you need to know to manage your money within our mobile banking app.

May 4

Personal Finance 101: Teach Yourself to Succeed with Money

In this guest post, Alison Lee from Subjecto, suggests useful tips on how you can make money work for you, without the stress of getting into debt.

Apr 20

How to Use a Prepaid Card

Learn how to use a prepaid card from activating your card to having your wages paid in and spending your money.

Apr 15

What to do if a Suits Me Account Holder Dies?

Here's everything you need to know about the processes we have in place if a Suits Me account holder passes away

Mar 12

Is it Time to Purchase an Engagement Ring This Valentine's?

Purchasing an engagement ring is an exciting time 💍 Find out how you should go about it!

Feb 3

Tips for Buying Your First Car in the UK

Are you thinking about buying your first car? Our guide will help you get started! 🚗

Feb 1

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